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Overlooker 2 is a gameboy color inspired survival horror game where you awake one night to find your village is crawling with monsters. All exits to the town are blocked off, and the only path escape seems to lead through the northern mansion that has been the basis of all the scary rumors and stories you heard growing up.

Overlooker 2 improves on Overlooker 1 in various ways:
- A full Resident Evil style inventory and item box allows you to manage your items. Some items are also combinable.
- Depth exists so the player can navigate behind large objects (but so can the monsters...)
- A save system has been implemented allowing the player to return to the last item box used at each game over screen
- More rooms, more gameplay, more items, and more enemies!
- The soundtrack was created using only Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Gameboy synthesizers and soundbanks along with modern effects, sequencing, and mastering tools for a more classic vibe.

Overlooker 2 is my next baby step in learning about all aspects of game development. Overlooker 2 was developed in approximately the same amount of time as Overlooker 1 (a few weeks). If you have any comments/suggestions/thoughts about the game, please send them to me at connorortlinning@gmail.com. The goal of this game is to learn and improve as much as possible for my next game.

You can buy the soundtrack below, or buy it from my Bandcamp page! https://connorortlinning.bandcamp.com/

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Please feel free to create let's play and walkthrough videos of this game and monetize them.


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